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What is Phishing and Why You Should NOT take the bait!

Phishing or Phishing tactics/scams are tricks hackers use to get personal information from us online/offline. 

Phishers can trick you through:

Text Messages


Phone Calls

Social Media Posts

1. Mass-Market/Email Phishing – The most common type of Phishing. These are often seen as DMs or personal messages with suspicious links that are often urgent and out of the blue. Emails with suspicious attachments and voice messages with claims of “Free” and almost unbelievable prices. Usually sent out often by people you do not recognize.

2. Spear Phishing: attacks that target ” High Value ” clients. These attacks are most often highly successful, carefully crafted, and personalized. These may appear to come from someone you trust. Make sure to double-check email addresses and sources before replying.  

3. Whaling Phishing: attacks specifically the top or CXX executives of a company or organization (big fish). These attacks usually come in the form of legal documents, subpoenas, customer complaints, or fake executive-level messages. 

4. Vishing- not all phishing scams are made online. To target a wide array of people, scammers resort to the most conventional type of communication: Telephone/Cellular Phone Calls.
5. Pop-Up Phishing – Fraudulent pop-ups are not only annoying, but they are also chock full of malware and malicious intent. Make sure to download an ad-blocker to prevent accidental clicks on sudden pop-ups. 

How can I report Phishing?

Report Phishing scams or attempts through proper channels and authorities. Report phishing attacks/attempts to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Or to the Anti-Phishing Working Group site here:

https://apwg.org/ or forward an email to  [email protected]

If you suspect receiving a phishing text message, forward to SPAMM – 7726

Protect  Yourself!

DON’T Open or Answer Suspicious/Questionable Emails

DON’T click on Pop-up ads

DON’T click on suspicious links

DON’T open unsecured sites (look for the secure or green lock symbol)

DO use/download an ad blocker

DO use spam filters

DO check if your antivirus software is up-to-date

DO check your passwords 

DO enable 2FA (2 Factor Authorization) like Google Authenticator

DON’T be fooled!

Protect your identity by eliminating the possible triggers. Never provide or give away any personal, credit card, or online account information. Instead, ask for their contact information and do your own independent check on the validity of certain callers/emails/messages. 

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Phishing or Phishing tactics/scams are tricks hackers use to get personal information from us

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